Property Type: Land

Property Size: 200 Acres

Property Price: $395 000

Property location: Near Dandriga, Southern Belize

Property Description: 200 acres of spectacular beachfront with almost a mile of golden sandy beach frontage. An absolutely gorgeous piece of property that is the ultimate paradise for complete laid back privacy, spectacular scenery and things to do. You will not get bored on this property as there is a lot to see and enjoy when you are not relaxing.  At the back of the property is an open grassy plain leading to a scenic mountain range and the famous Ben Lomond Caves. Here you can hunt, roam at your own pace and  explore the ancient Ben Lomond Mayan caves. And at the front is the beach. Calm crystal clear turquoise water and solid sandy beaches provides for excellent fishing and relaxation and occasional sights of giant manatees. The land is high and dry and is accessible by land and by boat.
Great investment- This 200 acre property has already been subdivided into 16 separate legal parcels. One can buy the entire 200 acre parcel and resell individually for a substantial profit. There is also a 100 acre parcel nearby with 600 feet of beach frontage that is also available for sale.

2 Replies to “Gales Point, Belize- a 200 acre beachfront paradise”

  1. Good day, is this property still available? Where is it, do you have maps? Is there a survey showing the 16 lots? Are the owners flexible on price? Would they consider owner financing, if so what terms?
    Respectfully, Dave

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