Lots for Sale in Seafront Community, $29 000

Property Type: Land  Property Size: 1/4 acre  Location: Corozal District Price: $29,000 Description:  This unique, master planned, marina community offers channel land for your dream […]

Awesome 48 Acres of Land For Sale, Belize

Property Type: Land Location: Progresso road Size: 48 acres Price:$240,000 USD Description: Don’t miss out on this awesome 48 Acres of Land For Sale, Belize! […]

Property With The Creek For Sale, Belize

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Off-grid ECO Resort In Belize For Sale

Property: Resort, Home, Business Location: Cerros Peninsula, Corozal Price: $625,000 USD Property size: 2 acres Description: On the beautiful shores of the Corozal Bay, this […]

House, Resort, Bar and Restaurant for Sale

Property type: Land, House, Business Property Size: 4.7 acres lagoon front Property Price: $550,000 USD Description: This manicured property has it all. Do you want […]

Cozy Belizean Home in Corozal Town

Property Type: Home Property Size: House 60 x 120 foot Price: $300,000 USD Location: Corozal Town Description: Thinking on where to retire? Think no further Belize […]

Lot For Sale San Pedro, Belize

Property Type: Land Property Size: 422.081 square meters Location of lot: 7.5 miles coast of San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye Property Price: $80 000 Property […]

Spanish Creek 5,000 Acres-Rancho

Property Type: Land Property Size: 5000 Acres Property Price : $15 M Property description: 5000 acres of gorgeous land with 5 miles of frontage on […]